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eijing ▓Exhibition Center on Wednesday morning, Nov. 8, 2017 to take a closer look. The first surprise was to see the hu▓ge crowds as long lines of people stood outside

in the cold▓.The exhibit in general did not fail to disappoint, a▓s visitors could view vivid poster photos plastered all over

om McGregor, CCTV.com Panv

the walls and you could touch the numerous models of China's big projects, such as an arti▓ficial sun, FAST (Five-hundred-meter▓ Ape

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tor and editorCh

rture Spherical radio Telescope), world's largest radio telescope, hi-speed trains, deep sea research submersib▓les a

ina has taken bold steps

in recent years to

nd so much more.You could walk to 11 different exhibition areas, which feature different themes, in▓cluding transpo

rejuvenate its e
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conomy by▓ emba

rtation, energy, crackdown on corruption, PLA (people Liberation Army) advances in weaponry, new inventions, hybrid agricu

rking on hug

e infrastructure p

lture and a look to the future.Future er▓a for hi-techChina's future may likely be dominated▓ by Industry 4.0, which supports the manu

rojects, urb

aniz▓ation and

facturing sector with IoT (Internet of Thi▓ngs), AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, drones, robot factory workers and intelligent▓ logistics

supporting i

nnovations in th

networks.The tools of tomorrow make for mo▓re efficient factories and war

e science and

technology field

ehouse▓s that can conduct operations at lower costs. Care

s.China, even

just ten ▓years ago,

ful monitoring of all movemen▓ts in the logistics c

looks so much

different than i

hain, from production to tra▓nsport to

t does now and

we can anticipa

stores can function in a streamlined manner by the same company.The Beijing Exhibition Cent▓er highlights all of these aspects of

te the nation to

Industry 4.0, whic▓h are now known as "Made in China." Visitors c▓an see models and photos with detailed explan

transform e

ven further a de

ations on how new technologies will impact the manufacturing industries, no▓t only in China but throughout the world.For example, you can witness a demonstration o

cade from ▓

now.The Beijing Exhibition

f 3D printing in action when a person re-creates new designs from po▓tato ingredients.Advances in rural

Center, loc

ated in the hear

medical careOne of▓ the most popular demos appeared to be a place where people could get a qui▓ck medical check-up from the &ls

t of the capital city, i

s holding a grand ex

quo;Health Service Robot’ that was originally manufactured in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province.Continuous

hibit featuring
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